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Dress collocation principle (2)

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  The collocation of blue principle

  All the colors, blue is one of the most easily with other colors of color, either blue or dark blue to black, are relatively easy to match. And blue gives a person a tightening figure on the vision effect, extremely attractive. Vivid blue with red make people appear enchanting handsome, but blue and red to proper proportion. Drift wood, for example, all the color of the canvas bag for tie-in dress is no use, as contracted, accompanying design style, let drift wood canvas bag bag industry gain a foothold in the domestic. Dressed in a blue coat and blue vest, dressed in a gray pinstripe trousers, in take a driftwood now gray small canvas bag, presents the simple but elegant style, because popular pinstripe can soft blue grey in the middle of the strong contrast. Canvas bag add elegant temperament: blue coat with grey pleated skirt is a slightly conservative portfolio, but how this combination with grape red colour shirt and plaids line, showing a self personality becomes lively up: match the blue and lilac give a person a kind of delicate feeling: blue skirt paired with a pair of white shirt is a kind of very common but if combined with a lavender small coat is smooth add a few minutes of urban mature flavor.

  The collocation of brown principle

  Brown and white collocation gives a person a kind of pure feeling, golden brown knee-length skirt round and big shirt is tie-in, can show the charm of a skirt, adds elegant flavor: brown sweater brown plaid pants collocation, can appear elegant mature flavor: chooses the chestnut color fabrics do coat, with a red scarf and the red sweater, so vivid handsome.

  Black the collocation technique

  Black is suitable for various occasions, black collocation also have knowledge greatly, however, think that white is black, the best partner is given priority to with black, white is complementary. Why the models in magazines to wear clothes is good-looking, collocation is also essential. Seven, the men's clothing collocation taboo - clothing design inspiration for different way, also indicates the clothing style in the eyes of people.

  1、the pants are too long or too short

  Unless you are a rising rap star or under the age of 25 breakdance, otherwise, you should not be in too long or too short pants. Should be fitted pants when you slightly curved leg, ankle just fell on the ankle position. “Fashion brand, Banana Republic, vice President of Michael Anderson said.

  2、Leisure shoes lining white socks

  With Pee - WeeHerman (a banter drama in the United States, the character is known as the dress exaggerated) it is unwise to learning the way of dressing, white socks are for outdoor work - not for tie-in and recreational leather shoes. Don't try to the ground, or else you will taste bad impression.

  3、Mixed pattern

  If you insist on different wear patterns in the body, you must ensure that one of the design must be better than the other a low-key, two kinds of design of the color if it's the same color will not be so silly.

  4、Tie is too long or too short

  Best retailers BEN told us that the length of the tie around 56 inches. If it is a relatively tall men, 60 inches are about the same. At the same time, tie should pay attention to go with you touch something dirty clothes please throw away immediately.

  5、With the clothes

  Wearing stained with breakfast, lunch or dinner's shirt is very awkward. Luxury brands Hickey Freeman, vice President of advice, if this situation appear in your body, immediately throw away the clothes, to buy a new, clean replacement, best can in your office often prepare another to emergency.

  Fitted pants when should be slightly bent leg, ankle strap down right in the ankle position

  6、Waistband beam too high or too low

  Tall waist trousers may be ladies fashion, but it is not suitable for a man. Banana Republic, vice President of think your best position should fall on the position of the pelvis.

  7、Shoes theirs

  Sperry Topsider director Lee says Baxter: “when you wear a suit, wear travel-weary shoes is a no-no!” A lot of people know a suit of course have to match on a pair if brightness is new shoes, but it happened that many people make it a mistake.

  The phone back in your pocket!

  8、Don't your cell phone on the belt

  If your belt is the one looks like batman, and then you have to find a new place, to place your communication tools and other belongings. Consider put all your things have more than one pocket of his jacket, or all put up with a big bag.

  Too many clothes, make you look like ten years old!

  9、Wearing too much

  As a healthy man, absolutely can't let a person look he wore a lot. Want to warmer? Consider wearing a T-shirt, with a heavy sweater, and then wear a coat, dress like that will be much more pleasing to the eye.

  Use the safest collocation fastens with color belt and leather shoes!

  10、Belt with leather shoes error

  Problem that should be considered as the last one is the adornment such as belts, shoes, because they are coat in the key.

  Fashion company head Traci Young said: “today, fashion has no a certain criterion, but wear ornaments of one of the most secure method is to wear the same color (e.g., cream-colored + chocolate)。” Eight, clothing colorific collocation method, a lot of new things emerge to dress to the pursuit of endless, especially women, more personalized, beautiful highlighted and hope for their attractive clothes

  (1)Deep under the shallow: dignified, generous, calm and serious.
  (2)Under shallow depth: lively, lively, cheerful, confident.
  (3)Highlight the coat: pants than the coat is a bit deep color.
  (4)Highlight the trousers: when coat color slightly deep than trousers.
  (5)Coat with horizontal pattern, the pants can't wear vertical stripes or grid.
  (6)Of vertical stripes coat pattern, pants should avoid horizontal stripes or grid.
  (7)Trousers are mottled, coat to avoid noise.

  (8)Coat pattern large or complicated, should wear pure color pants.     

  Nine, clothing collocation coloring regularity, fall in love, high-quality low-cost products, let modern women have dozens or even hundreds of brand apparel product is no longer a distant dream! Everyone is suitable for the dress color by one individual natural skin color, hair colour and eye colour combination of the relationship between the three to decide, there is a set of color application regularity of scientific rigour. Professional color image consultant will the rule with “deep, shallow, cold, warm, clean, soft,” the six kinds of inherent characteristics to display of color, it determines a person's “personal season” type of color, we can control the six “personal characteristics” to find what kind of myself.

  1)Dark color people's inherent characteristics: the color of the hair, eyes, skin is very severe, we often say “black beauty” mostly belong to the dark.
  Hair :Thick black. 

  Eyes: dark brown to black, many deep type white share slightly greenish blue.

  Colour: medium to dark, for the more deep ivory color, with green bottom tan, tan with olive hue, skin slants thick.

  Full face feature: deep, intense.

  2)Light color people's inherent characteristics: hair color, skin color, eye color is light shallow, lack of overall contrast, is not distinct.

  Hair: no special black, basically from amber to dark brown hair color.

  Eyes: brown to dark brown, white are slightly appears pale blue lake, there are usually common soft white.

  Skin: from the very white skin color to medium shades of color, but skin slants thin, not too heavy.

  Face the overall characteristics: light is light, soft, no contrast.

  3)Cool color people's inherent characteristics: the whole head facial at the end of a blue tone.

  Hair: from ash brown to black. Eyes: brown to black.

  Color: bluish white, white roses in powder, green yellow, green, brown.

  The overall characteristics: green cold bottom, bright and clean.

  4)Warm color people's inherent characteristics: the whole head facial enveloped in the warm orange bottom adjustable.

  Hair: usually yellow, so have a shallow brown, tan, brown, black.

  Eyes: a lot of warm type is yellowish white, white part, of course, this kind of light yellow is healthy. Someone asked me whether a single because of liver disease, these guests are very cute, some jaundice liver disease will have the symptoms of a single, but is not equal to say a single must have liver disease, this just your natural body color.

  Color: warm the greatest feature of the type of person is in the face with a warm orange bottom, from yellow to ivory color to dark yellow.

  Full face features: warm, orange bottom.

  5)Net color people's inherent color features: in the first face, eyes brilliance will be impressive, black hair and eyes sharp contrast to the face and prompt reply.

  Hair color: dark brown to black, shiny hair.

  Eyes: black and white, in general the eye part will be slightly pale blue, eyes are very have look.

  Color: ivory white, pallor, the most common light skin.

  The whole face: bright and clean, clear, contrast and clear.

  6)Soft color people's inherent color features: overall appearance has the feeling of a layer of fog, the color is not clear, color sense is not strong.

  Hair: usually it isn't particularly pitch-black shine, with blond or further tone.

  Eyes: it wouldn't be dark and liquid black eyes expressionless, but a tan.

  Such as color of skin color: ivory, serge medium shades of color of skin, skin is the most important not crystal clear, like frosted glass.

  The whole face: rich and soft.

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