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Dress collocation principle (1)

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  A, the principle of personality

  Personality principle refers to a social situation set up the personal appearance requirement. Everyone want to an independent person is social acceptance and recognition, and dress dress can help you achieve this goal.

  To make up two problems should be paid attention to rich individual character, the first is not to blindly follow the fashion, the most fashionable is often the most vitality. The second is to wear out their own personality. As the saying goes, there are no two identical leaf, takes all kinds to people. Different people such as age, personality, career, cultural quality, will naturally have different temperament, so the clothing choice should conform to the requirements of the personal qualities, both to conform to the personal temperament, at the same time through the dress more personality. So we must deeply understand ourselves, and make clothing all show their personality. A blind pursuit of fashionable people will inevitably lose yourself, it is conceivable that a woman as a teacher in a transparent and miniskirt appeared on the platform the same thick waist and leg lady wearing miniskirts be seen in the streets like do not understand. Clothing personality principle, in the final analysis is also a principle of beauty, beauty of dress collocation skill vitality lies in people's shortcomings, cover all show a bit of the human race.

  Second, the principle of neat

  Neat principle refers to the principle of neat and clean, it is the most fundamental principle of clothing tie-in dress. In a neat person always can give a person the sense of positive, always welcome, but a man dressed in rags dirty feeling giving a person is always negative decadent. In a social situation, people often through the clothes are neat and easy to judge people on the value of communication, whether civilization have self-restraint, etc. Neat principle does not mean that in the high-end fashion, as long as you keep clothes clean fit, the whole body neat and organized.

  Three, the principle of harmony

  The so-called harmonious principle refers to the principle of coordination and decent, has two meanings, one refers to the dress should be harmony with their bodies, is refers to the dress should be consistent with age. Dress is originally a kind of art, to cover some deficiencies of size. With the aid of clothing, can create a beautiful figure of illusion.

  World, such as height or size belongs and consciousness of different size dress. For tall people, in the clothing selection and collocation, should be paid attention to: coat appropriate extended to shrink, don't wear too short jacket. Clothing styles can't be too complex, appropriate wear stripes or grid jacket. Clothing color should select brunet, monochromatic is good, too bright too light the color of the flower there is a feeling of expansion, is the greater.

  For shorter people, hope that through costumes spin height, so the coat is not too long, too wide, trousers too short, legs do not want too big, the pants should be covered with uppers for good, clothing color should be a little light, lively and gentle is good, consistent color can cause the feeling of long. Clothing design should be concise. Avoid wearing horizontal stripes. V collarless jacket, can build the feeling of long more than round collar. Concise dress can improve the waist line, avoid is used a too wide belt.

  For heavier, dress will be as far as possible let oneself show thin, so the dress should not wear too tight clothes. Good for loose casual, collar is best with low v-neck, pants or skirt is unfavorable to wear clothes in the outside, more can't use too exaggerated belt, show thick waist so easily. In colors on the cool color to move, for good, too strong color more fat. Avoid wearing horizontal stripes, big grid or the clothes of the flower.

  For lean people, want to try to wear full. Do not wear too tight dress summer clothing collocation, clothing color as far as possible bright and soft, too deep too dark color instead more thin. Optional wear some stripes, squares, large flower design costumes, in order to achieve full visual effect.

  Dress in addition to coordinate with body figure, also should be in conformity with the age. Not all the clothing collocation is fit for the same age. Due to differences in age, from the clothing styles to color all have exquisite. In general, young people can wear bright, lively, casual and middle-aged corresponding solemn rigorous some dressed. Young people dress is too old to appear prematurely senile without spark, on the contrary, the elderly too loud is considered as play the coquetter. Along with the development of the life, people dress in the many changes have taken place, an obvious trend is that young people wear simple but elegant, the elderly relative, old people hope that through clothing to cover the years trace, young man attempted to strengthen their own maturity by clothing, this natural daylight. But anyway, there are always costumes age distance, an old man like wearing girl doll always inaccurate. Youth has its own unique charm, but in the old nature also have young people reach mature beauty, selection of clothing only adapt to the echo of the beautiful, can create the verve of dress. Six, clever collocation clothing color - like and like make good friends? Wonderful fate? The distance to meet the same tone of TA, is also a pleasant careful thing… Now online shopping clothes has become a trend of MM, but there was a hidden dress into a lot of knowledge. A colour collocation gives only a style, different color can match a ten million kinds of different style, how to use the dress to a person's temperament and image has a important influence, so the MM always felt clothes in the wardrobe is never enough.

  The collocation of white principle

  White can match with any color, but should match well, you have to spend some of idea. White bottoms match stripe light yellow coat, this is the best combination of soft colors: wearing ivory white pants, suit small jacket with light purple, with pure white shirt, also can yet be regarded as a successful match, full show ego individual character: white ruffle with reddish coat gives a person the feeling: gentle and elegant body white t-shirts for wearing a red skirt, seem to be natural and unrestrained enthusiasm, in sharp contrast, the weight more heavy more subdued, white white is especially suitable for ladies.

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